BIO invites you to an information session on U.S. and global biotechnology investment trends and the 2018 Building the Bioeconomy report- featuring strategies and best practices to foster innovative biotechnology globally. Join us as host a "lunch and learn" session featuring speakers from the global biotech community at the Biotechnology Innovation Organization's DC offices at 1201 Maryland SW, Suite 900, Washinton, D.C. 20024.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email international@bio.orgPlease limit attendance to two attendees per organization.


BIO Briefing  Agenda:

Features a series of brief presentations by

  • Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO)
    • About BIO
    • Biotechnology and its numerous applications
    • Scientific and business biotechnology trends overseas
  • Pugatch Consilium 
    • Global biotechnology development strategies
  • Biotechnology Innovation Organization
    • 2019 BIO International Convention Discussions, June 3-7, 2019
      • Benefits to international delegations
      • BIO One-on-One Partnering as key conference component